Big mac vs whopper poll

Whopper without question. There are actually items that could be classified as food on a Whopper - a Big Mac is nothing but overprocessed.
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BK makes more solid basic burgers, the lettuce in a Big Mac is terrible and soggy but the plain cheeseburger at McD is classic. Flame-broiled Double Whopper for the win. Tummy is slightly better after BK than it is after McDs. But, for the most part, I'll stick with a Super Star from Carl's.

Like both. Big Mac a classic and is great but a Whopper with cheese just pips it, fresher taste and the meat is more tasty. The Whopper is just a generic burger you'd get at any restaurant just slightly shittier due to the fact that it's fast food. Lettuce, tomatoes and onions is hardly a unique combination. Burgers are best cooked on a flat top grill in my opinion, so Big Mac would win easily if it weren't for that awful sauce. The middle bun throwing off the bread to meat ratio also doesn't help it.

I guess Whopper wins, much as I find them mediocre even for a fast food burger.


I dislike most of burger kings food, but the Whopper is the one item on their menu that I consistently enjoy. The Big Mac is good but is not what I think of as a classic hamburger. That extra bread in a Big Mac is ridiculous and completely destroys to sauce to bread ratio. Love the taste of the meat and the fresh onions which I prefer over the diced onions on the Mac , as well as the creamy mayo and tangy ketchup.

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McDonald’s vs Burger King

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